Tyler Hrynyk

Speaker Organization: 
AlbertaSat, University of Alberta
ASTech Awards: 

,  Winner,  

2016 Special
Area of Expertise: 
Applied Technology
Presentation Topics: 

1. Alberta's First Satellite: Ex-Alta 1
2. Alberta's Second Satellite: Ex-Alta 2
3. AlbertaSat's Educational Outreach Program

Short Bio: 

The AlbertaSat team is driven by a tenacity to explore space through the use of Cube Satellites. Our work matters because we are developing new technology at the University of Alberta while also giving undergraduate students opportunities to be involved in a space project that they otherwise wouldn't have. The long term impact of our work will hopefully be creating a space industry in Alberta, creating a spacecraft engineering and science program at all education levels.

Geographic Areas: 
Throughout Alberta
Speaker Location: 
Edmonton , AB