Glen Kathler

Speaker Organization: 
Applied Research and Innovation Services, SAIT Polytechnic
ASTech Awards: 

,  Winner,  

2015 Agriculture

,  Finalist,  

2014 Agriculture
Area of Expertise: 
Applied Technology
Presentation Topics: 

Applied Research
RFID systems development and testing
UAVs, Intelligent Sensor Networks, innovation, disruptive technologies

Short Bio: 

I am a passionate educator - both on campus and off. After 11 years as an instructor at SAIT Polytechnic, I joined the Applied Research and Innovation Services department as a full-time researcher. Since 2008, my team has explored the application of RFID technologies across a range of industries: livestock tracking, inventory management, oil-and-gas and beyond. Along the way, we've honed our expertise; helped companies design, develop, prototype and test their new technologies; and had some fantastic adventures - in the lab and in the field. An avid story-teller, I love speaking to groups on applied research, RFID systems development and testing, UAVs, Intelligent Sensor Networks, innovation, disruptive technologies - and am known for finding a sports analogy to bring things to life.

Geographic Areas: 
Throughout Alberta
Outside Alberta
Speaker Location: 
Calgary , AB