Dr. Todd Lowary (Not available until 2017)

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University of Alberta
ASTech Awards: 

,  Winner,  

2015 Science
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Presentation Topics: 

The Role of Carbohydrates in Infectious Diseases
Building a National Research Network

Short Bio: 

My research involves using chemistry combined with biochemical/biological investigations to understand how carbohydrates are involved in the development of infectious (largely bacterial) diseases.The basic science research we do has impact on the development of novel therapeutic agents to treat infectious disease, new diagnostics and vaccines. Outside of my own research, I am the Scientific Director of the Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet). This Networks of Centres of Excellence-funded Network is focused on developing novel solutions to unmet medical needs through exploiting the role that carbohydrates play in biology.

Geographic Areas: 
Calgary area
Edmonton area
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Edmonton , AB