ASTech Awards & Next Gen Innovators Showcase

2015 ASTech Awards & Next Gen Innovators Showcase

What a terrific evening of inspiration! Thanks to all who made it an unforgettable event.

More than 600 award Finalists, students, entrepreneurs, start-ups, researchers and ASTech alumni filled TELUS Spark on November 6 to celebrate outstanding achievement in Science and Technology in Alberta. It was a magical night as 15 award winners were announced and 28 amazing Next Gen Innovators captivated the crowd with the most interesting new science and technology applications in Energy, Agriculture, Health, Technology, Start-Up and Student categories. We welcomed high school students from Canmore, University of Lethbridge synthetic biology students, a drilling simulator, robots and so much more!

Here's what the crowd said:

     "The opportunity to interact with some of the brightest people in the province was very inspiring. The excitement and passion exhibited and eagerness to share projects was very positive.

     "The young high school students who talked about their research was a real treat! They were so enthusiastic and energetic."

     "Exciting to bring so many interesting people together and what a busy night! We made some great contacts by participating in the Showcase."

Thank you to our Next Gen Innovators Showcase participants: 

  • Imagine: Using Synthetic Proteins as Tools for Research by NAIT (Mattea Bujold)
  • Development of Bioactive Seed Oils by Alberta Innovates Phytola Centre (Chris Kazala)
  • Using Synthetic Biology to Create Innovative Pesticides by University of Lethbridge (Rhys Hakstol)
  • Drilling Simulator by Endeavor Technologies (Brad Reiser)
TECHNOLOGY sponsored by Computer Modelling Group
  • GeoViz: Collaborative Geospatial Visualization by VizworX (Karl Meema)
  • Enthrill: Cloud-based software platform for ebook downloads on any device (Kevin Franco)
  • Surface Wave Electrical Energy Propagation by Ingenuity Labs (Charles van Neste)
  • by MindFuel (James Landsburg)
  • Quick and Accurate On-Site Sample Testing using OptiQ by Alberta BioPhotonics Inc. (Elmar Prenner)
  • Do You Really Know What's in Your Water? by FREDsense Technologies (Lisa Oberding)
  • Intercell distracted driving solution by Phronetic Labs (Napoleon Irianan)
  • TELUS Spark: Developing Innovation Skills by Practicing New Thinking Strategies (Melanie Hall)
  • RCKTSHP: Making it easy for small businesses to get tasks done by under-utilized tech-savvy millennials (Joseph Mak)
  • Evented: Applying a "survival of the fittest" model via reviews to event vendors (Ramneek Purewal)
  • Crux AR: Print Collateral through a Digital Lens (Sahr Saffa)
  • Parks Explorer empowering individuals with limited mobility to navigate hiking trails by SAIT Polytechnic (Joe Petermann)
  • TELUS Fibre optics increases healthcare efficiency by digitizing everyday healthcare functions (Larry Vanderveen)
  • Ammolite BioModels embodies the collaboration between surgeons and engineers to create realistic synthetic bone models (Aubrey Blair-Pattison)
  • Advanced Breath Control for Robotics (Marin Schultz)


  • Capturing the Value of Melody (Craig Fiedorek)
  • Adaptive Wheels: A Novel Approach to Multi-Terrain Driving (Tahmid Khan)
  • Elucidating the Role of CDK5RAP2 in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (Sunand Kannappan)
  • Homodyne Detector Based Laser Microphone (Quin Sykora & Anna Verkhovskaya)
  • The Attraction of Distractions (Jenny Wu)
  • Hair Degradation: Breaking down keratin in hair and feathers (Freya Morgan)
  • Mathilda by Intimitrons from Area 51: all-girl robot team (Jacqueline Gorman)