2016 Next Gen Innovators Virtual Showcase

Next Gen Innovators Showcase captures the heart of innovation in Alberta

CONGRATULATIONS! The Fan Favourite that collected the most tweets, and likes and shares on YouTube, is ADVANCES ON A DIGITAL MICROSCOPE by Scinece Fair Student Kamil Ahmed!

Thanks for voting and we'll see you again in 2017!


Advances on a Digital Microscope: Sharing findings from a digital microscope in remote areas. Kamil Ahmed. 


Agricast: Forecasting for Your Farm - Customized weather forecasts for farmers. Nevin deMilliano. 



Interface Fluidics Inc.: Reservoir-on-a-Chip - Mircomodels for enhancing oil sand recovery. Stuart Kinnear.



Alberta Women's Science Network & : Leading by Example - Inspiring young girls by STEM leadership to create equal opportunities for women. Ana Noga & Sophia Fairweather.

University of Calgary: Womba, a Musical Instrument for an Unborn Child - The first intrument for a child to play in the womb. Aura Pon.


Alberta BioPhotonics: Opti-Q On-Site Testing - Quick, accurate and inexpensive sample testing saves time and money. Elmar Prenner.

Beyond Reality Technologies: Applying virtual reality to real estate to explore unbuilt spaces. Garlon Yau.

Paper: Program that assists in setting up legal frameworks for companies. Adrian Camara.

VizworX: GeoViz - Easy to use geospatial visulization interface. Jeff LaFrenz. 


Mindful Mental Training - Techniques to improve depression and anxiety. Derek Luk. 

Physio4D: Vision Based Physical Therapy - A time saving motion tracking system to assess joint mobility. Dr. Javad Sadeghi.

Retiarius Medical - Waterproof and adhesive free bandages. Cole Atkinson. 

TELUS: Home Health Monitoring & TELUS Innovation Centre.