2016 ASTech Awards

From diamonds to wheat and oncology to satellites, the 2016 ASTech Award Finalists represent the pinnacle of innovation and achievement in science and technology across Alberta!

Finalists are chosen by an independent panel of third-party adjudicators who assess nominations against the criteria for each award.  Read about the panels here.

Congratulations to the 2016 ASTech Award Winners:


  • Excellence in Science & Technology Public AwarenessThe Alberta Science Network (Calgary)  - is dedicated to providing more than 50,000 students in Alberta schools with educational science programs such as Scientists and Engineers-in-the-Classroom. 

  • ASTech Special Award for Group Innovation Under 30:  AlbertaSat (University of Alberta) -  is a group of University of Alberta undergraduate students who are working on making Alberta a big name in the aerospace industry by developing the province's first satellite.

         Full profile and video here

  • Outstanding Achievement in Applied Technology & Innovation sponsored by SAIT:  Evolution Engineering Inc. (Calgary) - is innovating the oil & gas industry by developing a measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tool which allows drilling rigs to communicate real-time data to the operator up to 30 times faster than previous standard MWDs. 

  • Societal Impact: SafeTracks GPS Canada Inc (Red Deer) - is dedicated to keeping your loved ones safe by helping the 48.6 million people affected by dementia worldwide through their TRiLOC™, a personal monitoring device that allows dementia patients to be tracked 24/7 via GPS technology.
  • Outstanding Science & Technology Start-Up Award sponsored by NAIT: Stream Systems Ltd. (Calgary)- is focused on saving companies millions of dollars through their optimization solution software for capital projects and operational scheduling for midstream, upstream, rail, marine and trucking transportation applications.

         Full profile and video here  

  • Innovation in Information & Communications Technology sponsored by TELUS: TransRail Innovation Group (TRIG) (Calgary)- is ensuring the safety of the rail transportation industry with their unique XLOAD electronic sensor which uses radar technology to detect hazardous materials within tanker rail cars. 


  • Innovation in Oil Sands Research sponsored by Syncrude Canada Ltd: Dr. Ian Gates (University of Calgary) - is an engineer, professor, and co-founder of several businesses in the oil and gas sector, and continues to use his 36 patented innovations to improve the province's fossil fuel operations.

         Full profile and video here

  • Outstanding Leadership in Alberta Technology: Dr. Mayank Goyal (University of Calgary) - is innovating hospitals two ways: through the introduction of the multiphase CT angiogram which produces reliable images that can be easily interpreted, and through the Brisk Recanalization Ischemic Stroke Kit which streamlines medical procedures. 
  • Innvovation in Agricultural Science sponsored by Dow AgroSciences Canada: Dr. Robert Graf (Lethbridge) - is changing the way wheat is grown through the development of unique wheat cultivars, including one which became the first wheat in Western Canada to have a resistant rating to Fusarium head blight disease.

         Full profile and video here

  • Leaders of Tomorrow sponsored by Alberta Economic Development & Trade: Dr. Ryan Lewinson (University of Calgary) - is a leader in biomechanics research in areas from footwear to snow shovels who has received national recognition for over 20 published articles. 

  • Outstanding Leadership in Alberta Science: Dr. Warren Piers (University of Calgary) - is an expert in organometallic chemistry where his discoveries have improved the production of industrial chemicals and helped influence other scientific research with over 10,000 citations on his papers.