2015 Award Finalists

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

We are delghted to announce the following Finalists for the 2015 ASTech Awards.  Join us November 6, 2015 at TELUS Spark in Calgary at ASTech 2.0: ACCELERATE! and the Next Gen Innovators Showcase for an evening of inspiration and celebration of the outstanding achievements of innovators in science and technology in Alberta.

The 2015 Finalists are:

  • Breton Plots Management Team, University of Alberta is dedicated to improving Alberta’s agriculture industry by making use of resources, such as grey luvisolic soil, which seem impossible to use.
  • Calgary Stroke Team, University of Calgary is an international leader in stroke research, training and stroke care.
  • DataGardens Inc. is a pioneer in software that enables companies to seamlessly move data between the cloud and private data centres in response to changing business needs.
  • Fedora Pharmaceuticals Inc. is dedicated to the discovery and development of novel antibiotics targeting life-threatening microbial drug resistance.
  • Inside Education has provided a generation of Alberta students and teachers real-world insights into Alberta’s energy and environment sectors.
  • Glen Kathler, RADLab, Applied Research and Innovation Services, SAIT Polytechnic pioneered the development of an RFID system that resulted in a more acurate way to transport and track cattle. 
  • LINDSAY Virtual Human uses innovative game engines to tell engaging and visually appealing stories about the human body to bring medical education to a wider audience.
  • Lipid Chemistry Group, University of Alberta conducts research to use agriculture as a substitute for fossil fuels in plastic to create a more sustainable and greener economy.
  • Dr. Todd Lowary, GlycoNet, University of Alberta has been instrumental in furthering glycomics research through the creation of the Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet).
  • Luxmux provides high tech optical measurement instrumentation for the oil and gas industry and is commercializing an online steam quality analyser to increase extraction while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water usage.
  • Micro Engineering Tech Inc. developed a 3D system to tackle structural health monitoring to monitor small changes in the integrity of infrastructure.
  • Dr. Brij Maini, University of Calgary is an expert on the enhanced oil recovery flows of heavy oils and bitumen.
  • Dr. Ding-Yu Peng, University of Saskatchewan is a pioneer in maximizing the efficiency of systems designed to convert bitumen into synthetic crude oil.
  • Robots and Pencils Inc. is a mobile strategy and app development firm known for creating apps that are not only artistically designed, but technically sound.
  • Saeid Saidi, University of Calgary is a volunteer, a leader and an engineer who has spearheaded research to rethink public transportation and create a more sustainable Calgary.
  • Dr. Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa, University of Alberta is an internationally recognized researcher in the study of the impacts of land use on biodiversity loss.
  • Kim Sturgess, Alberta WaterSMART Ltd., has been an integral member of Alberta’s water community since 2004, focusing on flood and watershed management and water reuse. 
  • Tannas Conservation Services are leaders in the restoration of fescue grasslands in southwestern Alberta.
  • Ryan Tucker is furthering the understanding of fuel cells and organic solar cells through 20 peer reviewed articles that were cited more than 250 times. 
  • Dr. Robert Wolkow, University of Alberta is widely known as an Alberta nano-science leader and has made key scientific breakthroughs in areas of nano-technology.
  • Dr. V. Wee Yong, University of Calgary has provided pioneering contributions to neuroscience, particularly in the fields of multiple sclerosis and rehabilitation.