Award Criteria

This award is presented to an individual, team or organization that has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the successful development and/or commercialization of novel technologies or processes with significant environmental benefit. 

This award is presented to an individual or team who has led, or significantly contributed to a technological innovation that has resulted in a positive impact on society.

This award recognizes a recipient whose project, activity or organization increases public awareness of the benefits of science and technology, or enhances the understanding of science and technology in Alberta. The nominations are judged by a special panel of print and broadcast journalists and science and technology public relations professionals. 

On occasion, the Adjudication Panel determines there is a nominee worthy of recognition that does not fit into the exact criteria of a specific award category. In this case, the Panel is empowered to recommend a Special Award which is then discussed and approved by the Board of Directors. As this award is presented irregularly and only under special circumstances, there is no criteria and no opportunity to nominate for this award.